Ngozi Nwerem

What do you do in your job every day?

I manage the line and make sure it is always running when supposed to. My team also manages tasks during downtimes, like sanitation and other projects. We are also responsible for getting our operators trained on all of our machines and areas for the success of the shift.

Why did you choose to work at Portland Bottling Company?

There’s a lot to like, starting with the opportunities that Portland Bottling Company provides to their employees. They are willing to bring anyone in and give them the tools to succeed if the employee shows the motivation and commitment. They’re always looking to grow everyone in their own ways.

What is the most interesting thing you’ve learned working at Portland Bottling Company?

Problem solving and troubleshooting – from fixing down equipment or figuring out a game plan for a tough situation, I’ve learned to handle pressure very well working here at Portland Bottling Company. This company has given me a lot and grew me into a supervisor role and have treated me the right way since day one. I’m still receiving advice and goals to personally grow me further.

What is the thing that is most different about working at Portland Bottling company from anywhere else you’ve worked?

Two things separate Portland Bottling and any other company I have worked for. First, everyone knows everyone, and it’s very family oriented in ways. Second, the plant is a real team. Everyone makes a difference in their own way, and we all work towards the same goal, rather than separate ones in different departments. Portland Bottling Company is a team you just can’t refuse.

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