Kent Capasso

What do you do in your job every day?

I verify inventory volume and location, helping to expedite any shortages and track ingredients that are needed. I keep in constant communication with customers to alert them of any potential issues. And I work within our team to ensure support and communication for daily productions.

Why did you choose to work at Portland Bottling Company?

I heard what a cool company this is to work for. We have a family-like atmosphere, and I recognized the opportunity to work and move up in the company.

What is the thing that is most different about working at Portland Bottling company from anywhere else you’ve worked?

The pace – just thinking that we can potentially produce almost 100,000 cans per hour just blows me away.

What do you love most about working with Portland Bottling Company?

Working with the fantastic people here at Portland Bottling Company is most gratifying. I love working on challenging issues, and the position I’m in allows me this opportunity. I’m excited about coming to work each day – and, when I have, I know I have given my all to help this company thrive.

Why would you recommend someone join the team at Portland Bottling Company?

I would recommend anyone join Portland Bottling company for the atmosphere of working with great people with a lot of valuable knowledge in manufacturing energy drinks, and because it could be a great experience. I know it is for me.

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