Tom Keenan – President

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Mr. Keenan has over 40 years of experience in various management and entrepreneurial enterprises. His wide breadth of skills and knowledge have helped lead Portland Bottling to record revenues and production; Tom’s past endeavors include Founder and Managing Partner of Fastixx (computerized ticketing), President of NW Media and President of Everybody’s Records and Tapes.

As President of Portland Bottling since 2002, Tom provides the vision necessary for the continued success of the company. Most significantly, Tom led the company as they modernized the facility and moved to facilitate their new business model as a co-packer.

Tom has a BBA in Marketing from the University of Portland (UP) and was selected as a Pamplin School of Business Esteemed Significant Seventy-Five in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Business School. He has served on numerous Boards over the years and currently serves on the Boards of the Central Eastside Industrial Council and the Operations and Technical Management Executive Advisory Board at UP.

Dave Trestrail – Plant Manager

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Dave Trestrail has extensive background in the food and beverage industry at both plant and headquarters levels. He joined the Portland Bottling team in early 2012 as the maintenance manager and was elevated to Plant Manager in early 2014.

Dave Trestrail’s responsibilities include coordination of plant activities, repair and installation of equipment, and process control enhancements. Some of the invaluable contributions he has made since joining the team include reducing maintenance spending by 50%, increasing production rates by 15-20% in various SKU’s, and implementing the use of SPC to drive maintenance decisions.

Dave has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State University.

Ian McGuinness – Director of Quality

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With prior beverage manufacturing startup experience, Ian McGuinness was the perfect candidate to help facilitate the startup of co-packing for Portland Bottling Company in 2005. In 2007 he joined the Portland Bottling team as Director of Quality, which has been essential in maintaining the high level of standards that Portland Bottling has exemplified over the years.

As the Director of Quality, Ian is responsible for overseeing that batching, sanitation, and laboratory departments adhere to the stringent quality standards set forth by the company, customer, government, and external auditors.

Ian earned his degree in environmental science, biology, and chemistry from College of Santa Fe in New Mexico.

Mary Keenan – Quality Control Manager

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Mary Keenan officially joined the Portland Bottling Company team in 2009 after working for the company during summers throughout her college career in various positions. As the Quality Control Manager, Mary ascertains that beverages produced meet customer specifications, formula requirements, and taste preferences.

In compliance with Food Safety Systems Certification 22000 (FSSC22000), she oversees that all departments properly document the production process, and that all employees are properly trained in manufacturing processes in accordance with Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards, and that everyone adheres to producing a safe and legal product.

Mary Keenan has a BS degree in Economics from the University of Hawaii.

Ken Becker – Procurement Manager

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A veteran to the industry, Ken Becker has been in manufacturing for over 30 years. The last ten years include dedicated service to Portland Bottling Company. As Portland Bottling Company’s Procurement Manager, Ken controls the flow of raw materials, ensuring they are ordered and delivered on time in accordance with the production schedule.

He also maintains and grows the relationships with valued Portland Bottling customers. Some notable initiatives Ken is responsible for include the increased value for recycling material and the start-up of a plant wide recycling program.

Stephen Weinstein – Warehouse Manager

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Although Stephen Weinstein is relatively new to Portland Bottling Company, he is no stranger to the Food and Beverage Industry. He has over 30 years of various management experiences for companies such as Reser’s Fine Foods, PepsiCo Food Systems, Multi-Foods, and DPI Specialty Foods.

As Portland Bottling Company’s Warehouse Manager Stephen works closely with production to ensure that raw materials are ready in time for production needs. He also manages operations in the warehouse and aides in the management of customer’s on-hand inventory. Stephen has a degree in Business Management from the University of Oregon.

Pam Brady – Human Resources Manager

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Pam Brady is the Human Resources Manager for Portland Bottling Company. Prior to joining the Portland Bottling team, Pam developed and implemented employee benefit and safety programs across the West Coast. She started working with Portland Bottling in 2009 as an Employee Benefit Consultant and has recently transitioned into her role as HR Manager.

Pam has made significant contributions to employee welfare through safety, training, community involvement, health, benefit, and other various initiatives. In addition to the numerous HR certifications that she possesses, Pam is currently working toward her degree in Human Resources Management and Business to better serve the Portland Bottling Team.

Helena Chapman – Accounting Manager

503-231-5035 Ext. 209


Helena has been part of the Portland Bottling Company team for 8 years, all of which have been in the accounting and HR departments due to her passion for numbers and people. Although she has worked in many industries, working for NMHG Inc.’s accounting department gave her 10 years of hands on experience that she utilizes on a daily basis.

As Portland Bottling Company’s Accounting Manager, Helena ensures accuracy in all functions related to accounting, accounts receivable and payable, and payroll.