The Portland Bottling Company Co-Packs Ready-To-Drink Beverage Products In Aluminum Cans:
Providing On-Time Quality Service At Competitive Prices!

Founded in 1924, the Portland Bottling Company, a contract packer or co-packer, co-packs RTD or ready-to-drink beverage products in aluminum cans ranging from juices, energy and functional drinks, coffee, teas, and CSDs, or carbonated soda drinks in a wide variety of aluminum can sizes.

Providing contact packaging for leading and independent brand beverage companies, Portland Bottling Company operates a modern, state-of-the-art, and efficient, automated beverage line to process conventional or organic certified, ready-to-drink, cold fill or tunnel pasteurized aluminum can beverage products.

Strategically West Coast located in the Pacific Northwest, the Portland Bottling Company provides contract packaging to co-pack ‘RTD’ ready-to-drink carbonated or non-carbonated sodas, energy drinks, juices, coffee, or tea beverages on time & at competitive prices for regional independent and national brand beverage companies.